29 June 2013

Kelvin Power Station - Johannesburg electrical life line.

For most of my years growing up where I did, Kelvin Power Station could often be seen from a distance during our daily travels. This massive building with it's even more massive cooling towers bellowing steam into the Highveld air.

Kelvin, a coal fired power station, is one of only a few power stations in South Africa not owned by Eskom. Until 2000 the power station was the property of the City of Johannesburg, but it has since been privatized and bought by a consortium of owners.

I ventured a bit closer tonight to see if I could maybe get an image or two. This in itself was not an easy task. Between all the industry and buildings in the close proximity of the power station and the ugly fences around the place, I took to climbing some serious embankments, grappling over railway bridges but managed to get a nearly unrestricted view of my subject. I was on edge due to the large amount of vagrants around and shot as quickly as I could. I would of liked to stay a little longer but that would of compromised my safety.

My lens was not wide enough and I wanted to get it all in including the sunset so there is slight distortion on the towers.

The sun setting at the end of the railway line.

The sun nearly gone.

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