3 August 2013

Garden Birds

We live in a country where we have in relative terms, an abundance of bird life. We often travel far and wide to see and photograph birds whilst we often don't look out our own back door. I have erected feeders and watering spots in my garden for the local birds and must admit that I do have an enormous amount of enjoyment from watching the different birds coming and going in the garden. At times when I have some free time I sit myself down with the camera and snap off a few shots. Well this afternoon was one of those moments and here are some of the fruits of my efforts.

"mmmm Wonder what's going on down there" says the Crested Barbet
"Doooowwn she goes" says the Black Collared Barbet

"I'm keeping my legs apart ready for a quick departure"

"I got my piece"

"Hey, save some for me!"

"I'm holding onto mine"

"The flowers are better"
"They are all crazy"

"Tsst tsst"


  1. all absolutely crisp and clear and amazing! just love your bird photographs..

  2. The story, the photo, the intent.....all wonderful! Outstanding as usual!

  3. what beautiful photos - we have this beauty right here with us all the time. Thank you so much for sharing.