31 July 2013

An evening at the Barnyard

I last night had the pleasure of attending a great musical at the Barnyard theater. Maybe great because the music was from my days.. it was called The 80's vs the 90's. I must say that even my son who was only born in the mid 90's also said that he liked the music and show so it really has appeal for all ages. Some nice rock and roll as well as some more calmer songs. The show is a never-ending Juke Box that takes you on a ride through two decades of nonstop hits. The lighting is superb with a plethora of colours abounding throughout the show.

Now I know "proper" cameras are not allowed and since I did go to enjoy the show, not photograph it, I took one of Sony's "little" cameras along. Now when I say little I am referring to size and not performance. Sony's NEX  range of cameras have the same size sensor of their larger brother APS-C DSLR's and have interchangeable lenses making it a complete system. I took the standard 18-55mm lens along because all I wanted was some general shots and I wanted to see the performance in the very low light. No flashes used, just light from the performance. I had to push the ISO up to between 1600 and 3200 to get some decent shutter speeds and reviewing the images this morning, I am very pleased with the performance and versatility of the NEX-F3 that I used. (this is the "baby" of the NEX family)

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