30 July 2013

Morning to Philadelphia

As I looked northwards I saw that the clouds from the previous day were just starting to break up. Now up in Gauteng that would mean sunshine but in the Cape this could just signify one of the 4 seasons for the day.

Nonetheless I decided a photographic trip was on the cards and I set my heading through Durbanville towards the little town of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is a beautiful little historic town nestled off the N7 from Cape Town to Malmesbury about halfway between Melkbosstrand and Malmesbury. It lies at the beginning of what is known as the "Swartland". The town itself has been preserved in its original state with one of the most beautiful church buildings in the west coast area.

My first stop just outside Durbanville was the hilltop restaurant of one of the wine estates. On a clear day beautiful sights of the mountain and Cape surrounds could be seen. Alas, this was not one of those days.

An old canon on the lawns of the restaurant overlooking Durbanville.

A lone tree on the sliding slopes
The ever so beautiful Canola fields coming into bloom.

Clouds getting more ominous all the time.

Like with so many small towns, the first building to catch your sight is the place of worship. This beautiful church at the entrance of Philadelphia.

The town has some really lovely old traditional houses.

Just love the old bath that has been painted green and cut to be used as a sofa.

The well know Pepper Tree establishment

The corner store.

A local worker preparing the home made preserves for sale.
Just loved this garden bed!


  1. Beautiful images. Love the Canola and the long road. The lone tree is awesome. I really enjoy tree images.Always tells a story.

  2. Helen-Marie Rust30 July 2013 at 16:34

    Pragtige fotos>>. Ek lief die ou huisies!

  3. Excellent, Robbie. We should all record our trips and travels, specially with photos, for those who would love to be there, but can't. Well done again.