17 May 2013

A Morning at Rietvlei Nature Reserve

Rietvlei is one of my little retreats where I disappear to every now and again. I am normally there when or before the sun rises so that I get to shoot a few sunrise pics (which are generally quite stunning) and I then have some favourite spots which I drive along to shoot some birds or the wildlife if it presents it's self. I am normally done and leave by about 10am when the morning light has gone.

Rietvlei Nature Reserve is located in Pretoria and is about 3,800 hectares (38 km2) in size. Located within the reserve is the Rietvlei Dam. The Reserve is made up of open grassland with undulating hills with indigenous trees clustered in small groups.

I thought I would share a couple of pics from a recent visit of mine.

The scene that lay in front of me as I entered the reserve
Not more than 2km away, the light had changed.
The river that runs under Otter bridge.. A good place to spend time waiting for birds.
These guys are always around in Otter Pond
The early morning finds the Jackal still out

The Red Backed Shrike

Mom and babe
The one horned Waterbuck deep in the long grass

One Eyed Red Hartebeest

The Rufousnaped Lark singing his song

Just love the flaps in front of the eyes

The Egret fishing in a small stream.

It would not be the same without a pic of the Stonechat

The Giant Kingfisher with a crab

He breaks the pincers off

and then down it goes

The Diederick Cuckoo... a nice surprise


  1. Pragtig Robbie! I like! I like! hoor!

  2. Ongelooflike mooi foto's, ou Mater. Jy maak mens net jaloers!