30 May 2013

Almost a step back in time - Muizenberg Beach Huts

Colourful Victorian bathing boxes comes to mind when I look at Muizenberg beach.. I can imaging ladies with their 19th century swimming costumes (if you can call them that) sitting on the stairs with the men in their striped shirts and long trunks playing cricket on the beach.

There’s something ‘retro’ about Muizenberg Beach, an echo of an era when seaside talent shows and parading along the promenade were all the fasion.  No doubt it’s the boldly-coloured Victorian bathing ‘boxes’ or huts which evoke the feeling of a stepping back in time.

I have for many years wanted to photograph these brightly coloured little boxes but until recently the light that I was looking for had simply eluded me... Then early one morning, not too long ago... it was there... and so was I.. armed with the Sony full frame and the Zeiss 16-35mm lens.. the rest is, as one would say, history........


  1. Absolutely stunning Robbie. Jy bring elke keer 'n nuwe dimensie na vore en slaan asems weg. Jy ROCK!!!!!