20 May 2013

A Winters Morning Sunrise

Yes, no doubt, winter is here! Whilst most were still warm under their blankets or preparing for work in their warm houses, I had lost my mind. I had risen early, long before the sun had even thought about showing its'self and traveled the 60km to the area that was clear of buildings and power lines so that I might capture the beginning of the day on silicon. 

It was 1 degree celsius when I arrived and the mist was so thick that I couldn't see 5m in front of me. Pfft, looked like it was going to be a waste of time. The sun was far behind the mist and wasn't going to show till much later the morning. Well patience was rewarded and I managed a few images before the magic light was gone. 

The sun just burning through the mist.

A real eery feeling above the water between the trees.

The river running strong.

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