22 May 2013

An afternoon in the Studio

As some of you might know I do actually have a studio and being a full time commercial photographer I get to photograph all sorts in the studio. This ranges from products to people and now and again some beautiful models. 

A friend of mine sometimes hires the studio and so it was today and he had employed a lovely model for the day. Well, needless to say I snuck a few shots in (with their permission) and I quite liked the results.

I used the Sony A99 (which is an awesome machine with great tonal ranges) and the Carl Zeiss 85mm F1.4 lens. This in my mind is about the best camera/lens combination that I have ever come across for use in the studio.

The first shot was shot with an idea in mind.. (No, she didn't use that brush for her make up but I was going to use it to give her some colour!)

Voila!..... My end result! A little image editing and the image told it's story.

The lighting setup was changed and a fan switched on to blow her hair, a blue gel on a rim light and some nice effects were to be had.

The close up really brought the best of her features out!

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