18 May 2013

Kirstenbosch calls for the Orange Breasted Sunbird

I had not visited Kirstenbosch in many years but was intent on getting the Orange Breasted Sunbird in my sights and I heard that they had been very active in the gardens. It was a bright sunny morning and I had heard that I should enter at the top gate and walk towards the fynbos area and I would be sure to find them. Well indeed, so it was. There were quite a few of them but they were so busy and in and out the bushes that it was going to almost be impossible to get a clear shot of these guys.

A birder might be happy with just a shot but as a photographer I wanted a good clear shot. I prepared myself next to some Protea bushes where I saw these guys going in and out and waited with the hope that I might just have a chance.

Now you must understand that these birds are small... much smaller than they seem... and with the shade and sun streaks this was going to be a difficult task. I often teach that the 3 P's of Avian photography are patience, patience and patience. Well 2 hours later I was still trying to get a decent shot and then, out of the blue, one posed for me.. I might add that only for a minute but it was in the open.. I managed a few shots and was pleased as punch at the result.


I spent a little longer walking around and managed a few shots of a few other birds.

It also goes to say that no visit to Kirstenbosch would be complete without a pic of a Protea!

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