2 May 2013

The Beauty Around Us

Today's lifestyle is stressed, rushed and chaotic all around us and we are inclined to be totally absorbed by these things. There is that saying "Stop and smell the roses" that we have all heard but so seldom pay attention to.

I drive the same route just about everyday to the studio and of course, today was no different. The same amount of traffic, people reluctantly rushing to get to work after the public holiday yesterday, and those just carrying on with their business. There is a very busy double road separated by some trees that has the most glorious sun rays shining through in the mornings. This morning I decided to "stop and smell the roses" for 5 minutes so I pulled up onto the verge and grabbed the camera. It wasn't a really planned thing, rather done much on impulse so the beautiful early morning golden light was missing, but hey, it can't always be perfect can it?

I shot off a few images and wasn't displeased with the results. It's amazing that within the so called "Concrete Jungle" that beauty abounds. We merely have to take the blinkers off and pause to look for a second. You will be amazed with what you find!

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