7 December 2013

The Packett Family Shoot

I met Brigid early this year when she asked me to help her with her photography. We have had a few sessions over the months and her photography has grown in leaps with her progressing to doing some family and preggie shoots. She is a lady full of life, a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. Her wedding anniversary this year heralds 40 years of marriage and with this she wanted to do a family shoot with her children and their wives/husbands and her adorable grandson. It was with great pleasure that I agreed with a resounding yes when she asked me if I would do the shoot of them. Now I must explain that Brigid is a lively, happy lady that simply adores her family. Her house is filled with lots of family pictures and this bears tribute to many family events and occasions that shows how close this family is.

We agreed on a date not too long ago at a lovely restaurant that has beautiful gardens  that would be ideal for a morning shoot and then they could have a celebratory anniversary lunch. As fate would have it, they day before the shoot the weather was pretty lousy and light rain was predicted for shoot day. mmmmm.. not ideal but we would switch to plan B if it was raining... (I didn't really have a plan B but would create it if the need arose... lol)

With Brigid's permission, I would like to show you a few images from the shoot.

Fortunately on the morning of the shoot there was no rain even though it was pretty overcast. We started the shooting with the family standing on a wooden bridge that crossed a small stream on the property. I had brought the number 40 along and we did some standard shots but then I asked the kids to show some emotion towards Brigid and Ken on having reached this milestone...

This is what I got... lovely..

As you can see, this was going to be a fun shoot... we did a few more pics on the bridge..

We then shot the "guys"...

Sebastian wanting to really be in the frame

and then then Sebastian ran off with the frame.... a great little guy doing what little guys do....

Dad eventually got hold of Sebastian and I fired of a couple of shots while dad and son were having some fun..

After some more family shots, I got the girls together..  Really beautiful ladies..

I must tell you that daughter and daughter in law seem so have some sort of liking of hats... they arrived with a bag full and we put these to good use..

The "Pouting" shot

The gardens had these beautiful rocks and the ladies obliged..

By this time Sebastian had saught out mom and my camera captured some lovely moments including this one....

A kissy please mom...

There were areas of the garden that had a carpet of purple flowers and the girls couldn't resist..

I had also found a lovely spot which had this real country forest feeling and it made for the ideal spot for a miniature couple shoot... I wasn't disappointed...

We ended the shoot with a couple more shots including this wonderful happy family shot

 and I quite liked the feeling of openness and attitude of this shot